Finnica Kymenlaakso


Kymenlaakso region’s history is unique. In our neighbourhood east meets west. Therefore here you find special things, which are common to the border areas. When different cultures meet, there is always something special going on. Kymenlaakso is famous for its beautiful river, Kymi. Kymenlaakso is also known as a bastion of forest industry and for its many garrisons. As a region Kymenlaakso deserves attention and respect, not only by the researches, but also for its regional identity.

Kymenlaakso region has been widely researched, but all that research material is scattered in small peaces. This is a big problem when you need to find out facts quickly. It’s troublesome to find even general knowledge. Finnica Kymenlaakso fills up this empty place. Although globalization is the word of the day and everybody is talking about it, we can also see development which is leading another direction. To know our own surroundings is getting more and more important to many people. We all have the need to belong somewhere, to be a part of a bigger community. In regional level the Finnica Kymenlaakso website offers a possibility to share knowledge and visions about common interests to researchers, officials and inhabitants.

Since year 2005 almost 27 000 unique users have visited Finnica Kymenlaakso. The website serves people who need knowledge about the Kymenlaakso region; schools, media, people living in this area and Finnish people in general. Possibly later this website will be translated into English and other languages as well, serving other users all over the world.

For the meantime the website is composed of 12 different themes, which includes 58 articles, 6 databases and 3 photogalleries. This website offers the chance to discover how Kymenlaakso developed from an area of wilderness into a province of forest industry. The website provides a introduction to the province's history and development. Scenery and culture can also be explored through the site. The goal is produce a website which is easy to use and which is visually and content wise of high quality. The website works as a guide to Kymenlaakso region; to its history, present, nature and culture. Finnica Kymenlaakso project uses the region’s special features in order to make Kymenlaakso more appealing and more known to people as a province.